As a Christian writer and speaker my goal is to exhort women to engage in their circumstances so that God is glorified and the Kingdom is expanded. Few things thrill me like sharing Jesus with other women.  Honesty, transparency, truth from the Word, and a little humor are what I use to help women be encouraged to keep fighting the good fight...even when they don't feel they have much fight left. 

I've experienced how the fight for joy and the battle for hope can drain the energy needed for each day. So I value faith, humor, grit, and the spunky stubbornness that keep us committed to our families and the Lord, no matter what happens. My goal is to strengthen the women I meet, whether face to face, in the pages of my books, or on the pages of this blog. 

I have been married to my sweet husband for 35 years and we have seven children and four in-law children, plus the five most perfect grandchildren on the planet. Our family adventures have included eleven moves, 20+ years of homeschooling, financial highs and lows, and a few devastating heartbreaks, all of which have pushed us to value each other and Jesus even more. 

I care passionately about Jesus, my family, and building the kingdom of God, wherever God puts me. I write to make much of my Lord, Who continually surprises me with His faithful love. There is an eclectic mix of life on my blog, just like there is an eclectic mix of life in my life! There is Bible stuff, Jesus stuff, and stuff about prayer, because prayer is where the atomic level action is at. I care passionately about how we raise our kids, so there is family, homeschooling, and home-management articles.  And then there are books...I do love books. So I have book reviews to share my favorites. But every bit of it is to shore up the flagging strength of women as we strive to accomplish all that life demands of us.


Happy places for this Texas girl are coffee shops, libraries, thrift stores, lunch dates, and anywhere my kids are. I cook a lot and I even use recipes sometimes. I know several of the Jane Austen movies by heart, and I have read the books enough to know the bits they leave out. I adore travel, museums, and long road trips, especially when I discover some unexpected treasure. 

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But more than that I invite you to pray more, love better, hope longer, believe deeper, and on the really bad days, just keep going. To help you live that faith-filled kind of life is why I write.

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