...but there is so much to worry about!

Jesus us tells us straight up in Matthew 6:25: "...do not worry..." So it seems pretty clear- I am not supposed to worry. And just in case I want to pull out something I deemed significant enough to worry about as a reason I SHOULD worry, the rest of chapters 6 and 7 cut down my logic at it's core.

No worrying allowed. Ever.

But there is so much to worry about!

Take food:

  • Should I go into debt and buy organic or should I buy what I can afford?
  • Is the meat that is not raised hormone-free and antibiotic-free gonna kill my children? Or grow an extra arm out of their head? Because the difference is one bite of hamburger a piece, or one actual hamburger a piece.
  • And we haven't even talked dairy and eggs yet- raw, organic, cage-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, affordable-free?
  • Then there is GMOs. What about them, and all the tumors on all the rats in all the labs across America? So now I have to read codes to make sure I have non-gmo, organic food that I cannot afford?

And I am not supposed to worry?

What about our country?

  • Will the Republicans and Democrats come to blows in the House or just keep throwing names at each other to represent their maturity and statesmanship?
  • Will the debt of our country drown us and cause our collapse?
  • With all the government programs hurling down the tracks at us like a runaway locomotive, will our taxes reach untenable proportions?

And I am not supposed to worry?

What about our economy?

  • The headline on my news feed this morning was "Why the Rich Think America is Doomed."  Great.
  • Will the middle class, of which we are solidly a part, continue to exist?
  • Will the jobs my children need to be available as they come into adulthood have all moved over seas?

And I am not supposed to worry? Really?

What about my aging body?

  • What was north is now south.
  • What worked seamlessly is now painful.
  • What was smooth is now "sculptured with character."
  • What was brown is now grey.

And I am not supposed to worry? About anything?

Not about who my kids marry or what job they take? Or how they do in school or what others think about all their personal life choices? I am not supposed to worry about the fleet of cars we own that all have mileage through the roof? Not even the one in the front yard with blown head gasket?

Please? Can I worry just a little?

Nope. Not a little. Not at all. Zero. Zilch. Zappo. No worrying allowed.

Because I have a God Who made the universe with all it contains and keeps it spinning and Who also cares for the flowers of the field and the birds of the air. After all Jesus tells us,

"And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won’t he more surely care for you, O men of little faith?"  Matthew 6:30

Those words resound: "won't He surely care for me?" Yes. Yes He will.

I know that even in the everyday things He will love me, protect me, provide for me. After all, He cared for me so much He died for me.

So come on world. Throw your best at me.

I. Will. Not. Worry.