Happy Mother's Day To The Mom Who Gave Her Child Up For Adoption

After a lovely evening with my children, I went to bed last light thinking about women and moms who might find Mother's Day hard. Like ones who lost a child or experienced a miscarriage. Ones who haven't been able to conceive, but deeply desire a child. Or single moms, with no Dad to rally the troops and give Mom her day.

But my mind settled on one group to which I really wished I could reach out, give a hug, and say, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Here are my Happy Mother's Day flowers to you!

Here are my Happy Mother's Day flowers to you!

To all women who have carried a child in pregnancy and then gave them up for adoption, I want to say, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

Maybe you were young and scared and lacked the support and resources to raise a child.
Maybe you were hurt or abused by the man who fathered the child.
Maybe you realized you weren't ready for the responsibilities of parenthood.

Pregnancy can be unexpected and unwanted. You might have been terrified when you realized you were pregnant and your family might have rejected you. You could have been urged to rid yourself of the problem.

It is socially acceptable to terminate the "mass of tissue." You could have walked into a clinic and left all the life-altering inconvenience behind you. 

But you didn't. You are a Mom, so you did what every Mom does- you laid your life down for another. You allowed your body to shelter and grow a soul.

Motherhood is sacrifice and weariness. It puts someone else first every day, whether there is recognition and thank you's for the sacrifice or not.

You did that for nine months. You entered fully into being a Mom. You poured your very blood into your baby. You gave your child your time, and in the process gave up other opportunities you could have taken advantage of, if you weren't pregnant.

You denied yourself for your child. That is what Moms do every day. So, I just want to say to you, "Thank you. And Happy Mother's Day. You are a true Mom. "

But, I bet yesterday was really hard for you, whether you gave up your child six months ago or six decades ago. Because as all Moms know, you never stop being a Mom.

The child you birthed probably told another woman, "Happy Mother's Day" yesterday. But that woman might never have had the opportunity to hear those words, if it had not been for your sacrifice. You blessed your child with life, and in the process you gave the gift of parenthood to a family.

I have friends who bless the heck out of my life, as well as their families and those around them. They were adopted and do not know their birth mother. But every one of them is grateful their birth mother gave them life. They enrich this world and make it a better place. To their birth Moms, I say thank you for letting them live. Your sacrifice forty years ago continues to bless me today.

So here is my virtual hug to you, and my wish across the internet highway. May you find rest from your doubts. May you lay aside any residual self-condemnation. May you know that you have added to the good of this world, by the soul you birthed.

I hope you know the love of Jesus. He gives me life through sacrificing Himself for me on the cross. He allows me to be adopted into God's family. He forgives, redeems, and makes new all who come to Him.

May the Lord bless you with peace and surround your heart with His love. He Who adopts us, understands your needs. He carries you and your child in His sufficient arms.

Bless you for gifting your child with life, and for gifting the world with your child. I admire your self-sacrificing, mother's heart.

Happy Mother's Day.