Know Who You're Praying To


Like many other fans, I saw Endgame on its opening weekend. (Just in case you’ve been enjoying space travel and are totally disconnected, Endgame is the latest Marvel installment which attempted to tie together all the loose strings from the proceeding 20+ movies as well as delivering a satisfying conclusion.)

I have a thing for superhero movies. And when they bother to tell a good story and be funny, then I’m hooked. But as fun as they are, I never forget--they’re fiction. F.I.C.T.I.O.N.

You who’s NOT fiction?

The God to Whom we pray.

When we pray we’re not begging for someone to fly in and save the day. God’s not a superhero. Not even a Marvel one. All the Avengers, plus every other hero in the Marvel universe can’t combine to the totality of the Lord of all creation.

He doesn’t get discouraged and fat like Thor.

He doesn’t fly in with an emotionless face and blow up the enemy like Captain Marvel. (Please somebody, get that woman some personality.)

He isn’t riddled with lovable flaws that he can brilliantly overcome at just the right moment like Ironman.

Our Lord God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere. He’s love, justice, and mercy inexplicably combined to perfection. He’s beyond our understanding.

And He is Who we pray to!

What incredibly good news!

WHO We Pray To

When we spend time in the Bible we’ll begin understand WHO He is and WHAT He can do and HOW much He loves us. All of that will transform our prayer lives.

One of our human problems is that we struggle to understand what we can’t see or measure. Thankfully, the Lord who made us, understands that. His Word is full of word pictures to help us understand Him and His provision for us.

He’s my strong tower, my fortress, and my hiding place.

He never leaves me, and answers when I call.

He helps me, fights for me, and helps me.

He is the rock on which I stand and the foundation that supports me.

WHY Does It Matter?

If the God in your mind is angry, distant, and constantly disapproving, why would you want to run to Him with your problems?

If your earthly father didn’t want to be bothered or looked for fault or responded with anger, it’s easy to transfer those problems onto your Heavenly Father.

But, a powerful prayer life DEMANDS a true understanding of WHO we’re praying to.

The cry of our Father God throughout scripture is that He would be our God and we would be His people.

The promise of God the Son is to be a place to go when we are trouble, tired, and laden with cares.

The job of God the Spirit is to never leave us and give us the words to say (like when we start to pray and can’t figure out what to say.) In fact all we have to do is groan, and He’ll translate it to powerful prayer to the Father.

Study WHO you’re praying to. I guarantee it will change everything.

One More Thing

The only way to get to know who the Lord is by spending time in the Word which describes Him. The Bible tells of His power and His love.

That’s why your prayer life needs time in the Bible. Next week we’ll look at some verses that guarantee us that the Lord LISTENS when we pray.

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