Sometimes I Just Need to Sing

I love to worship. But, contrary to the modern American meaning of the word, I do not correlate worship with only singing praise songs.

I love to worship by digging into the Word. I love to worship by listening to good teaching. I love to worship by practicing thankfulness. I love to worship by loving others well. I love to worship by serving my family. I love to worship by walking in faithfulness.

I love to worship. In all it's glorious forms. But sometimes...

Sometimes I just need to sing.

I don't know what it is about singing. I love to sing loud, with my eyes closed, and my arms raised. It takes my mind completely off myself and puts it squarely on the Lord.

And this morning, at church, I really needed to get my mind off myself and onto the Lord. It is just that there are so many moving parts in my life. There are so many people I passionately love and care about and for. And this morning I was feeling burdened by the fact that I have very little control over the details of their lives.

Confession- it is very hard to be a control freak and also be a mother and wife. I love these people so very much but daily I have to die to the desire to control their choices and outcomes.

So when this girl walked into church with a passel of concerns that prayer had not lifted, I was ready for some singing.

Our first song this morning praisied God our King as He sits on the throne. Ahhhh. That's right- I am NOT on the throne. I am NOT in charge. I am NOT in control.

Our next song praised God for bringing life where there is death. Ohhhhh. That's right- I am NOT able to bring the dead to life. I am NOT in control of the grave. I am NOT charged with supplying new life to anyone.

Our last song praised Christ alone, the cornerstone of all that matters. Whewwww. That's right- Jesus is enough. He is sufficient. He is the foundation of all that matters.

My God reigns on His throne. He brings the dead back to life. He is all that matters. And He has my family in His mighty, all-sufficient hand.

After singing, with my vision corrected and my heart lightened I was ready to worship by studying the Word, which was also needful. But I was very grateful for singing this morning.

Because sometimes...... I. Just. Need. To. Sing.

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.   ~Ps 95:1,2