Stay in the Season You Are In...

We left early this morning to go to school, and it was already hot. My daughter and I mused over the warm weather and our increasing desire for sweaters and steamy mugs and snuggles in blankets. The pumpkin spice latte is out after all. Shouldn't that have some effect on the weather? The answer to that question, just in case you were wondering, is "NO!"  Apparently the local coffee shop offerings have negligible effect on the changing of the seasons.  And we live in Texas- deep in Texas, where summer is long and hot and dry and did I mention hot? Like very, very hot?

I always feel like September means that it is Fall. And Fall means that it cools off. At least I hear in some places it means that.

As I contemplated the numerous hot days in front of me I complained, "I am so over summer!"

But then, for some reason, that set off a chain reaction of thoughts  and convictions in my mind. I began to wonder about why I am often not satisfied with where I am, with the season I am in, with the present set of circumstances. Instead I look toward the next opportunity or event. What is around the corner? What can I do next? Where will I go tomorrow?

But this season, with it's current realities of good and difficult is where I am now. And now is where I need to fully be. This stage of my children. This weight. This bank balance. This age. These circumstances. These friends. This job.


Because this is the only opportunity I have for this season. This is the only season I will be 50. This the only season I will have the ages, the stages, and the particular challenges and joys that come with my children as they inhabit their particular seasons. This is the only season I will have of Right. Now.

How sad it would be to look back with regret from my next season. To see that I had missed opportunities while complaining about where I was and yearning for where I wanted to be.

So hold that pumpkin latte if you please. It might be fall somewhere up north, but here? In Texas? It is downright hot and an iced sweet tea is much more appropriate.

Because summer is the season that I am in and this is the season where I will be. Fully.