What I Am Doing INSTEAD of Resolutions

Hello, my name is Susan.
I am a list-maker.
A note-taker.
A calendar-planner.
A to-doer.

I read productivity guides. I know what SMART goals mean. I sign up for "better goal making" webinars.

I work hard to do more, with better efficiency, and less waste.

But you know what else I am?
Tired. I am very tired.

So this year, instead of making goals, searching for a better schedule, or listing resolutions, I have decided to START somewhere else. I am starting with Jesus.

I am not trying to sound sanctimonious. Rather, I am confessing to the world stage my utter deficiency to be able to force my life into my Google calendar and productivity app. It just doesn't work.

So here is my white flag. I give up. I need a better way.

Starting With Prayer

I am starting 2017 sitting in the lap of my Savior and Redeemer. I desire this year to be one where I advance His Kingdom and do His work. But unless I linger long in His presence, I can never know His assignments.

My biggest problems result from plunging head first into activity, assuming I know the right thing to do, without His direction first. This has gotten me into trouble over and over again. I say "yes" to what I should decline. I reject what I should embrace. I get myself in over my head and then flail around, begging God to get me out of the mess I created.

I do have some big hopes this year.

  • I plan on self-publishing my first book, which between the learning curve of how to pull that off, and the jobs of promoting it once it is completed, already makes me tired.

  • I want to train for and complete a 5k and a 10k. In the back of my mind is a half-marathon, but that feels a bit delusional.

  • There are TWO new grandbabies in the oven, so I am determined to help both of those families when the darlings arrive this summer.

  • Most of the interior of our home needs painting and I have three small ceilings remaining with the dreaded popcorn still on them. Those are on the list to be fixed. Of course, they have been on the To Do list for several years, so...

These items just scratch the surface of my mental "I need to get it done in 2017" list. But BEFORE I do a single one of these or anything else- in fact BEFORE I move them from my desires to my goals- I am going to PRAY.  And pray. And pray. 

I want to pray through the junk of last year and deal with any lingering bitterness or unforgiveness I hung on to.
I want to pray for God's direction with our family.
I want to pray for the Lord's shaping of my character.
I want to pray about what is my most important work.
I want to pray for Jesus to show me where to go, what to do, and when to do it.

Because of those laudable desires above, the ONE goal for this year that trumps them all is Jesus. I desire more of Jesus. I crave knowing Him better, loving Him deeper, and following Him completely.

Want To Join Me?

Every day for the month of January I am going to be posting one item to pray for. Every one comes from Scripture, because the best way for me to assure I am praying the heart of my Lord is pray straight from His Word.

We will begin by dealing with 2016 (and who doesn't have some issues with 2016?). Then we will move on into what the Lord has for us in 2017, both individually and with our families. Think what a difference it could make for us to immerse ourselves in the Heart of our Redeemer. 

What if instead of making lists, we sat in His presence.

If instead of writing down our good intentions, we found His direction.

Or if instead of finding ourselves discouraged by the time February rolls around, we found ourselves moving into February with eleven months worth of energy, instructions, and battle plans.

Join Me!

If you want, please sign up to receive the prayers by email. There will be one short email daily. Or just show up at the blog every day and there will be a new prayer for that day.

Women, it is time we stand up and take Jesus seriously. Lets grab 2017, hog-tie it, and drag it to the foot of the cross. 

And then we can see what wonderful things He does with our year.



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