Why Ann Coulter Was Right...She Just Had All the Wrong Reasons

A firestorm has broken out this week as Ann Coulter spouted off on her negative opinion of Dr. Kent Brantly and his mission to Ebola striken West Africa. Ms. Coulter has been lambasted from all sides for the insensitive remarks. But in some ways, I have to admit, that I think Ms. Coulter was right- the treatment was expensive, there is plenty to do here, and in so many ways it makes no sense at all for God to send Dr. Brantly to Africa in the first place.

But while those things were right, every other part of her article was wrong. Because what Ms. Coulter doesn't apparently understand is that God has been working like this for millennium. He works outside of logic, He is not worried about the budget, and quite frankly He often makes no sense at all.

Look at Abraham- the father of God's people. He didn't see the son God promised for 25 years and then it was another 60 years until the next generation. What was God thinking? How could He have wasted so much time?

Think about Noah- builder of the ark. Some estimates are that he built it for over 100 years. Think of the raw material. Think of the tools, the labor, the time. Think of the cost! What was God thinking? How could He have wasted so many resources?

Think about Paul- the missionary to the Gentiles. He went all over the communities around the Mediterranean. Didn't he know there were people in his own community that needed help? Why would God send him off when there was work to do at home? What was God thinking?

The God who would send His own Son and lavish the richest of treasures on this poorest of souls obviously has an entirely different economy than I do.

What I assume is a reasonable amount of time, He looks at as a prelude. What I consider waste, He considers a fair price. What I see as expensive, He pays willingly. What I see as worthless, He values exceedingly.

He is the God of the most extravagant love and He spends it all for His people- and His people are on every continent and come in every color and fight every disease. They are all worth every expense.

His is an upside down kingdom where the first are last and the leaders are the servers.

Dr. Brantly knows this God- that is why He willingly spent his all in obedience to whatever God told him and wherever God directed Him. Even as far as Africa...even dealing with a plague....even to the cost of his own health.

God was not afraid to spend His all on me so I will not be afraid of spending my all on Him. And in His economy that matters because following God may very well cost me everything I have. But He is worth more than anything I could imagine.

What are you willing to spend on God? Because He spent His all on you.