by Susan K Macias

Want to discover how to pray with power for your kids?

Using Philippians 1:3-11 as a guide, we will learn step-by-step how to move from frustration and worry to confidence in the Lord through heaven-moving prayer. As a result, parents can find rest and joy in God’s work in their kids lives.

In this book Susan Macias explains through personal stories and Scriptural examples how to stop worrying about our kids and pray effectively and powerfully instead.

A parent of seven, five of whom are grown, Susan is well-acquainted with the worry and anxiety that plague a mother's heart. But she realized that not only did the worry not help any of her children's problems, but it actually hindered her relationships with her kids. During one particularly trying season, while reading the first chapter of Philippians, she realized it was a perfect outline for prayer. In this book she shares these lessons with you.