Finding Freedom- Quit Trying to Fix Everything!

Do all women struggle with the burden of trying to fix their loved ones' problems, or is it just me?And is it just at my house that the first word bellowed at the point of need is, "Mom!!!"

On the other hand, does my family expect me to fix their problems because I trained them to? -if something can't be found in the house, I am the first one they ask....and I can usually find it. -if someone doesn't feel well, I am the one with the remedy -if their is a relationship problem, I am the one who does the counseling -if one of my kids struggles, I usually place the blame on myself -and if there is a holiday to celebrate, I plan, purchase, cook, and decorate.

Now don't get me wrong. I love to shower my family with love and help and assistance. I receive joy by seeing them have joy.

But the lines between serving my family and taking on the responsibility of their happiness can become hazy. Yes, I can minister to their hearts, but I can't fix their hearts.

"...we don't have to fix more than we can...We can enter into that wonderful rest of knowing that the One that can manage it all, is indeed managing all of it, perfectly. We don't need to feel any pressure to be super woman, or to see results according to our frail human calculations. We need to enter into His rest, and in that blessed rest, we will accomplish so much more. We can quit pushing, stressing and running ourselves ragged."        -Michelle Kauenhofen

It can be such a burden to be responsible for situations over which I have little or no control. I was never designed with the ability to fix other people. Not even the people I love.

I can't make them whole. I can't make them happy. I can't find make them smart.  I can't find them a job, or a spouse, or a life plan. That is not my job. I am not equipped.

So who is equipped?

No big surprise here- as with all major questions the answer is our Designer and Friend. The answer is God.

In fact, here is the list of actions the Lord takes on our behalf from Psalm 147:

  • builds
  • gathers
  • heals
  • binds up
  • supports
  • covers
  • provides
  • makes
  • gives
  • strengthens
  • blesses
  • satisfies
  • sends
  • causes

And that is from just one chapter! I think He's got this thing covered.

Which means I am free!  Free to cook, and love, and celebrate, and counsel, and teach, and encourage, and admonish, and cheer, and serve.  I am free to not rush through life trying to be everyone's answer or anyone's solution. I can just be an obedient daughter to my Lord.

God can fix and God will fix in His time.

And I find freedom.